Sometimes Dog Walking Can Be a Real Challenge

I was walking along one day and I had 12 dogs with me at the same time, it takes a lot of skill to walk 12 dogs at a time. 

The days I have to walk 12 dogs at a time are very difficult, these are the days that I’m overbooked. I then have been over booked a lot lately, because my dog walking service is very popular. 

I’m going to have to hire some help soon, I don’t really want to hire help because you have to watch them and you have to tell them what to do. 

I don’t really want to hire help but I might have to because I have too many dogs to walk. This is a dilemma for me because I wanna stay small, but the clients I have need their dogs walked. 

If I don’t walk their dogs, They will never get walked And they will look out the window wondering why I didn’t come and walk them.

When I’m walking 12 dogs at a time it’s a challenge to keep up with all the dog poop. I have dog poop bags in one pocket and I can pick up the dog poop very quickly tie it and put it into my other pocket. I am so fast at it you hardly see me doing it.

I am like an acrobat when I walk 12 dogs and pick up the dog poop at the same time. Even though picking up dog poop isn’t fun, I still love my job like crazy.

Who knew there would be so much call for this type of business, I surely didn’t know when I first started.

Most days I do not walk 12 dogs at a time, the typical day is about 20 dogs but I walked them in groups of two or three. I can easily walk 20 dogs, and take them out for a full 35-minute walk and have them all done in 5 hours. I just walked two or three at a time and it’s easy.

I charge $10.00 to walk the dogs.  I have gotten so much business that I think I need to charge more because people are willing to give up $$ Instead of walking their dog.

This is a fantastic business if you love dogs and I don’t think there are very many people that walk dogs as a profession.

It is a service that many people need. I’m thinking about opening dog walking businesses all over the country in major cities. The only thing bad about the dog walking business is it doesn’t pay very much, so I will have to work out the numbers first.

If I train people how to do it the way I want it done, I could potentially open up in every major city. I will have to think about this for a while. website


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